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5 Tool Prospect Manual

Evidence Based Applied Sports Science To Run Faster, Throw Harder, Hit Farther

The 5 Tool Prospect Manual uses a revolutionary 3 calendar training system. Here is what is included in each calendar system.

Calendar #1

Calendar #1

Drill Based Exercises

Drill based exercises to train elite biomechanics for optimizing bat swing/exit velocity, sprint speed and agility, throwing velocity.

Calendar #2

Calendar #2

Periodized Olympic Based Strength/Conditioning Program

Year round strength & conditioning (offseason, preseason, inseason training) utilizing the fusion system of heavy load training, Olympic lifts, plyometrics, medicine ball training and anaerobic conditioning.

Calendar #3

Calendar #3

Sprint & Agility Calendar and Joint Integrity Training

Speed and agility drills to help buffer more anaerobic power on the base paths and in the field. Joint integrity training to build strength and stability to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury through your season.

5 Tool Prospect Manual Includes

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The 5 Tool Prospect Manual

Everything you will need to train for the rest of your career is in this manual. Learn about elite biomechanics and the latest sports science research to develop yourself into a 5 Tool Prospect.

Year Round Olympic Based Training Programs

Periodized offseason, preseason and inseason training utilizing Olympic lifts, heavy load training, plyometrics, medicine ball training and anaerobic conditioning. We guarantee you will be training harder and smarter than the competition.

Evidence Based Biomechanics System And Drills

Evidence based biomechanics drills to train elite movement patterns in hitting, running and throwing.

Instructional Video Library

Unlimited access to the Instructional Video Library covering every drill, exercise, and lift in the training manual.

Video Analysis

Professional video analysis of your running, hitting, throwing compared to a professional player.

Coaching Over Phone

5 phone sessions with Coach Steven Guadagni to help you get started with the training.

Train Harder And Smarter

Than The Competition

The Five Tool Prospect Manual is a year round training manual that you can follow for the rest of your career! It incorporates the latest in sports science to run faster, throw harder and hit farther. Develop the athleticism and mechanics to hit for average, hit for power, steal bases, play elite defense and throw at a high velocity. Beware! This program is not easy. It is a grueling offseason approach that pushes your body to its limits. If you truly want to be the biggest, fastest, strongest athlete on the field, the one that scouts drool over, then this program is for you!

Develop Elite Mechanics
The 5 Tool Manual will provide you with the best training and drills to develop elite biomechanics. If you want to compete with the elites in this game, you need to learn to move like them.
Step #1
Develop Elite Mechanics
Develop Elite Athleticism
The 5 Tool Manual will provide you with the training you need to hypertrophy fast twitch muscle fiber and enhance dynamic athletic performance (running,throwing,hitting). You need to build the athleticism and power of an elite athlete.
Step #2
Develop Elite Athleticism
Consistent Progression
The 5 Tool Manual is a training approach that you will use for the rest of your career. Discipline and consistency will take you farther in this game than you could ever imagine. This is the best training information on the market, but you must be willing to put in the work!
Step #3
Consistent Progression
Step #1Develop Elite MechanicsStep #2Develop Elite Athleticism Step #3Consistent Progression

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5 Tool Prospect Manual

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5 Tool Prospect Manual

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